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Hava presents Hestia. A collection of two items, a stool and a low table in burnt wood.

The traditional japaneses Shou Sugi Ban technique consists in carbonizing the wooden surface to create a natural protection and ensure his longevity. Mostly used for houses’s clidding, this burning wood techniques makes its more resistant and durable. Once burned, the wooden texture becomes denser, reliefs appears with beautiful shades of light and colors.

Hestia, as the greek divinity of the sacred flame, rules over the protective fire.
This desire of durability, echoes to the Shou sugi ban technique, is the origin of this first furniture collection by HAVA.

Inspired by this ancestral technique’s values, the designer Charlotte Juillard has designed a stool and a side table that can also be used as a bedside table. The sober and chiseled design, carries various aesthetic references, primitive or architectural. The wood density combines with the depth of the brown color gives to HESTIA a sculptural and enigmatic silhouette.