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Here our designer Charlotte Juillard was inspired by the rites and symbols of South American cultures, in which decor and graphs are the manifestation of cultural identities and ritualistic status. The Amazonian body paintings, the Inca ruins, the traditional geometric designs, and the cosmology, all influenced the designer who was captivated by the spiritual and celestial strength emanating from the Latin American arts. The Inti mirror is thought of as a piece of jewellery for the walls: simultaneously suggestive and enigmatic. Inti is the god of the sun, purveyor of heat and light, protector of the Inca people. An allegory that resounds with the powerful role of a mirror in a living space.

“I wanted to think of this mirror as an object which is both seducing and surprising. I like the idea of combining the lightness of a mirror with concrete.”


Charlotte Juillard


Thomas Castella SILIANS